You'll be an independent owner with a growing auto repair business.

Why auto repairs?

There are over 263 million cars in the U.S., and that number has been steadily growing. The average age of a car is 11.6 years.

Automobiles are only becoming more complex, making it increasingly difficult for owners to repair their own cars. It is essential that automobile owners have a trusted mechanic to assure that maintenance is completed correctly and on time.


Your ambition and drive combined with HEART’s system is a winning formula! HEART Certified Auto Care was founded by Brian Moak. He owns and operates a chain of successful auto repair shops in the Chicago area and is expanding his concept across the U.S. through franchises.

Fundamental to his concept is his belief that a commitment to honesty, courtesy, and expert service is essential to growing an auto repair business. It is a unique opportunity for talented and hardworking individuals to take advantage of a proven business model.

Grab your share of the $105 billion automotive repair and maintenance services industry!

As a HEART franchisee, you'll receive:

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Join a winning auto care team where everything we do comes from the HEART. Our mission is simple: Helping Everyone Achieve Reliable Transportation. Completing that mission requires ambition, energy, and a commitment to your community. You’ll have your own business, and you’ll be part of a growing, caring organization.

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