Founded by Brian Moak in 2017, HEART Certified Auto Care has been developed through over 90 years of success in the automotive repair industry. Combining state-of-the-art repairs, expert technicians, and first class service, HEART stands behind its service with an industry leading warranty of two years or 24,000 miles of coverage for parts and service. That’s why HEART has a customer retention rate of 95% and a customer approval rating of 99%. What we are doing is embraced by our customers.

HEART is reinventing the auto repair industry

At HEART Certified Auto Care, we believe in providing more than just expert service and reliable repairs. We care for our customers’ cars as if they were our own. That’s why we provide a transparent repair process that educates our customers, so they can make the best decisions for their vehicles. Over 80% of all auto repair business is from repeat customers, which is why HEART works hard to build trust with customers, so you can continue to grow your business.

HEART provides a roadmap for the long term care of customers’ cars, emphasizing a proactive approach for routine maintenance. Expert technicians coach customers through the maintenance process by providing all the facts, so they can make the best repair decisions possible.

A creative focus on customer care

HEART takes a non-traditional approach to auto care by sharing why repairs are recommended through photographs. With HEART’s Virtual Inspection Program (VIP) all issues are photographed to create complete transparency in auto care. Reminders for service are sent to customers automatically, so they always know when to bring in their cars, avoiding long term damage due to neglect.

HEART also offers a Preferred Customer Subscription Program that provides a convenient way to obtain maintenance services through monthly payments. By offering unique opportunities that take care of our customer’s needs, we show how much we care. We will continue to innovate and improve on the traditional car care model.

About Brian Moak, Founder

Brian Moak has a lifetime of experience in the automotive industry. Growing up in the business, he learned that the most important part of operating any successful auto repair shop is a commitment to honesty, courtesy, and expert service.

After owning a group of successful auto repair shops in Illinois, Brian decided to embark on his nationwide mission of Helping Everyone Achieve Reliable Transportation, HEART.

HEART's Rules of the Game

Renowned in the Chicagoland area for providing state-of-the-art auto repairs with unmatched customer service, Brian is spreading his successful formula across the U.S. Owning a HEART Certified Auto Care franchise is a unique opportunity for talented and hardworking individuals to take advantage of a successful business model and get in on the ground floor of the future of auto repairs.

About John Rost, Vice President of Sales

In 1999, Fiesta Auto Insurance started as an independent brokerage offering insurance and tax preparation services to the Latino community in southern California. Early on, John realized there was a need for a different type of insurance brokerage. He saw this as an opportunity to bring forth a brokerage that tailored its products and services to this underserved community.

In 2006, John began franchising the Fiesta Auto Insurance Concept. He has opened up the opportunity for others to share in his success, knowing full well that there are thousands of Latino neighborhoods nationwide with the same needs.

Today, Fiesta Auto Insurance has nearly a hundred franchisee business partners representing hundreds of locations open or in development nationwide. John has brought this success and expertise to HEART in order to help franchise owners realize their full potential.

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Join a winning auto care team where everything we do comes from the HEART. Our mission is simple: Helping Everyone Achieve Reliable Transportation. Completing that mission requires ambition, energy, and a commitment to your community. You’ll have your own business, and you’ll be part of a growing, caring organization.

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