Why an Auto Repair Franchise Is the Smart Choice

The automotive industry is currently booming. The U.S. auto repair industry currently brings in over $105 billion a year in revenue and has experienced a revenue increase of nearly 30% from 2010 to 2015. By 2025, it’s estimated the industry will grow at a double-digit compound annual rate.

Drivers rely on auto repair

One crucial aspect that sets auto repair apart from most other businesses is that car care is a necessity. There are over 263 million vehicles on the road today, and the average age of vehicles has increased to more than 11 years. As vehicles become more and more complex, it is extremely difficult for vehicle owners to perform their own repairs, which continues to drive demand for auto repair and maintenance shops.

Independent shops, rather than dealerships, perform 80% of all automotive repair work in the U.S., and 80% of auto shop customers are returning to the business they had previously used for their repairs. Drivers are holding onto their vehicles longer, so it is likely that they will want to stay with a trusted auto repair shop. Because auto care is a service that cannot be provided online, the stability of our industry is guaranteed well into the future.

With a HEART Certified Auto Care franchise, you will be embarking on an opportunity to provide your neighbors with reliable auto care from a franchise they trust, while joining a growing industry that has been seeing revenue improvement every year

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