Why extraordinary service matters to you

HEART has over 15,000 customers, and 99% of those customers1 love us and return for service again. This statistic proves the insane commitment to service provided by Brian on many levels: to his customers, to his employees, and to YOU, our future franchisee. If 15,000 people provide an approval rating of 99%, imagine the level of service a franchisee can expect. As a franchisee, you are our partner and our customer; we will blow your minds through support, innovation and service!

Brian will share everything he has learned with you to ensure that your HEART location is growing as quickly as possible. He will personally respond to any issues you are having, and he will be available anytime, anywhere to help by answering questions or brainstorming solutions. This type of access to the founder is unprecedented in our industry. The only place you’ll receive this sort of care and attention is at HEART.

Customer focused

We are changing the image of auto repair shops. We genuinely care about the health of our customers’ cars, and we are proactive about maintenance. Our Virtual Inspection Program shows photos of any problems, so that customers understand our recommendations and, as a result, are more likely to approve the work we’re proposing. Reminders for service are sent to customers automatically, so they always know when to bring in their cars and avoid any long term damage due to neglect. This level of focus is why 99% of our customers love us, and return for service again.

Proven systems

Brian always loved what he was doing, but he had no time for anything but work until he developed systems that transformed his business. Most days Brian was working over 14 hours a day. He was exhausted and just tried to rest and spend time with his family during off hours. He became determined to find a way to get more done in a day in less time.

The systems that Brian has created have allowed him to cut his work day in half. HEART has always provided state of-the-art repairs from expert mechanics while delivering first class service. But organizing the process better has been the key to maintaining quality while assuring that 98% of all jobs are completed the same day.2

Digital inspections with photos are shared with customers to show repairs that are needed, and HEART’s warranty is two years or 24,000 miles for parts and service. Our customers are always greeted by friendly staff, and we provide comfortable, family friendly waiting rooms, free loaner cars and shuttle services, and honest, excellent quality service. These systems are the reason HEART has a higher success rate than other known auto repair franchises, with average gross sales of $2.9 million at each location.3 Brian wants to share the ideas and systems that he’s developed with his franchisees, so they can also work less, make more money and have a better future.

How HEART Compares3

Franchise Franchise avg
gross sales
Franchise avg
net operating income
Corporate avg
gross sales
Corporate avg
net operating income
HCAC $2,895,958 $573,174
Christian Brothers $1,491,721 $226,163 $1,160,044 $167,803
Honest 1 $978,061 Honest 1 does not have any corporate owned locations
Meineke $707,730 Meineke has 10 corporately owned locations of the 768 total
Midas $1,142,098 Midas does not have any corporate owned locations

1Based on customer invoices for the past 12 months. 2Based on customer invoices for the past 12 months. 3Franchise Disclosure Documents 2017

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